Berkley Art Fest

You got to have art and in Berkley much of it is homemade and on the streets starting at 8 am on July 13, 2019  and concluding at 5 pm. Much of the art is home grown and created with chalk. It is a family affair. Here is a link to the official website . The event is championed by the Berkley Chamber of Commerce and what an event it is.

The art is exceptional. Bring the entire family. Go to the events website and see for yourself some of the great art created for last years event. Make sure you scroll down some to see what local talent created. Below is a small snap shot from last year.

While you are enjoying the art please take a look what Berkley has to offer as a community. There are over 100 homes for sale in Berkley, Michigan ranging in price from $119,900 to $559,000.

Berkley has one of the higher ranked school districts, 21st in the state. Below is a graphic by Neighborhood Scout, used by many commercial developers and retail companies to help decide where to locate a retail store,  showing which sections of the city had the greatest percentage increase in housing values since the year 2000.

All is relative. Berkley is a thriving community and location is often paramount in choosing where one wants to live in order to participate in future housing appreciation and to enjoy the surrounding amenities.

The city of Berkley has the benefit of having the ambiance of a small town community in the center of a vibrant, thriving southern Oakland County.

The chalk images  below were from last years Art Fest in Berkley. Many of these images were created by students in the Berkley  school system using chalk. It is always a fun family event in a great city.

Again, thank you Berkley Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to use these images.

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