Berkley Bike Lanes —— Yes or No!

Below is a news clip relating to the upcoming bike lanes on Coolidge in Berkley, Michigan. How does everyone feel about them? Please take our survey after the video

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Berkley is the next community to follow suit after Royal Oak made similar changes in 2018 along Main Street between 11 Mile Road & 12 Mile Roads, as well as heading East on 4th Street toward I-75.  Both Berkley and Royal Oak are hoping that these road diets keep the streets walk-able, family friendly, and slow down traffic. Ferndale has similar bike lanes running North and South on Hilton Road.


  1. Dennis

    on   said 

    I was pointed to this post and was asked to share some information. I’m using this as my primary source:

    There is no minimum age for cyclists that I can see, though I have heard several places recommend 12 years or older.

    Cyclists aren’t allowed to ride more than “two abreast”, that is one beside the other. There are no limits to the numbers, but they have to obey the law.

    • Thank you for your comment. It is my experience that a viable downtown area also helps increase the value of the homes in a community. Therefore, there is likely to be an indirect benefit to the homeowners in the city over time.


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