Oakland County Housing Market

Housing prices are affected by many variables and one of them is supply and demand. The more people striving to buy a home, the greater the pressure on home prices. If your life allows you to acquire a house in the off season, the fall and winter, you may have an opportunity to get a “bargain”. This applies to all markets. The data used in this article is for Oakland County. The concept however applies to all housing markets and the base year used is 2000. The chart below shows the average price of homes sold in in the respective years compared to the year 2000.

The housing market in 2008 fell precipitously because of the deep recession brought about by sub-prime lending which collapsed . It took until 2016 to recover from the losses occurring in 2008 and prior. The above chart indicates the average home price in Oakland county at the end of 2018 was 20.59% higher than at the end of the year 2000. It also seems that the market has got a ways to go to catch up for the losses occurring during the crash. Subprime lending is no longer a major factor affecting home prices and the demand for housing in Oakland County has been brisk over the last several years with most economist seeing very little slow down in the rise of prices.

Most home shoppers look to buy and/or sell a home in the late spring and summer months. This is mainly driven by the fact that they have children who are in the middle of the school year and they do not want to have their children be disrupted by switching schools, leaving old friends behind and making new ones in their new location.

This presents an upside to moving in the off season. Generally there are fewer buyers in the fall and winter months driven by their children’s school year and to some degree the weather. Frostbite can be a pain when moving.:) 

One family’s constraints are often another families opportunity when it comes to buying a home. Let me help you take advantage of this if you are able to move in this off season.

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Woodward Corners Coming Soon

Woodward Corners by Beaumont is almost ready with some major tenants preparing to open, others working hard and unknown tenants sure to come as they see the beautiful development strategically located in Royal Oak at the southwest corner of 13 Mile and Woodward.  The above image is a rendering of  the stand alone grocery store, operated by Meijers, that depicts what it will look like when completed. We are told by Meijers that this facility will open next spring. 

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Pig & Whiskey 2019 in Ferndale


The state of Michigan’s motto is “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you”. In southeast Michigan “if you seek a good time and a great place to live, come to Ferndale”. This annual fun event called Pig & Whiskey 2019 is organized by Metro Times and Woodward Avenue Brewers.  

It begins this week on Friday July 19 thru Sunday July 21st. Click on the image above to visit their website for more details.  Don’t miss Pig & Whiskey 2019  If you do you will regret it.

See line-up of bands below. They start on Friday. Don’t miss the excitement!

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Today Is Independence Day

July 4th is Independence Day. We should all be proud and honored to live in this great country. There is a lot of political turmoil and disagreement on the political front. But you know what?  This ability to disagree is what makes this country great! Our nation will get through this period because we are Americans and as Americans we have every right to disagree and in the end the country will be even stronger.

Today was also a great day for myself and my crew of ten. We spent much of  today placing over 2,000 flags made in the USA on the lawns of neighborhoods that I cover including Berkley, Huntington Woods, Royal Oak, Beverley Hills, Ferndale and Oak Park. I am a full time Realtor getting full time results. The photo on the left is on Catalpa.

As my crew and I were working hard giving thanks in a small way to my customer base I received the text message  below. Thank you! You made our day. Also, Thank you Crew! You were awesome!

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